Class PollingAnalyzerExample

  extended by spec.harness.analyzer.AnalyzerBase
      extended by spec.harness.analyzer.PollingAnalyzerExample

public class PollingAnalyzerExample
extends AnalyzerBase

This Analyzer is an example of an Analyzer that is based on the polling mechanism available in the SPECjvm2008 analyzer functionality. The harness will call the method execute at a regular time interval. The time interval is controlled by the property specjvm.benchmark.analyzer.frequency which by default is 1 second. This Analyzer type is good to use when for example a resource should be monitored throughout the run. In this example the number of operations done will be gathered. It is a contrived example.

Nested Class Summary
static class PollingAnalyzerExample.NumberOfOperations
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void execute(long time)
          Execution method called at regular intervals for polling stats.
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Constructor Detail


public PollingAnalyzerExample()
Method Detail


public void execute(long time)
Description copied from class: AnalyzerBase
Execution method called at regular intervals for polling stats.

Specified by:
execute in class AnalyzerBase
time - when the call is made