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Packages that use AnalyzerResult
spec.harness.analyzer An analyzer package, containing a analysis system that can be used by the harness. 
spec.harness.results A result package, containing results structs/beans to store configuration and result info for and from the spec.harness

Uses of AnalyzerResult in spec.harness.analyzer

Subclasses of AnalyzerResult in spec.harness.analyzer
static class CallbackAnalyzerExample.NumberResult
static class PowerAnalyzer.PowerConsumtionResult
static class TempAnalyzer.TemperatureResult

Methods in spec.harness.analyzer with parameters of type AnalyzerResult
 void aResult)

Uses of AnalyzerResult in spec.harness.results

Methods in spec.harness.results that return types with arguments of type AnalyzerResult
 java.util.Iterator<AnalyzerResult> IterationResult.getAnalyzerSummaries()

Methods in spec.harness.results with parameters of type AnalyzerResult
 void IterationResult.addAnalyzerSummary(AnalyzerResult aResult)