SPECvirt ® Datacenter 2021 Technical Support


For problems deploying clients, check the following.

  1. Ensure that the svdc-template’s and svdc-director’s virtual NIC has assigned the correct MAC address. Check the svdc-template’s eth0 vNIC settings to ensure that the MAC prefix (the first three octets) assigned to the vNIC matches the value for MACAddressPrefix that you set in Control.config for the testbed network. The default for svdc-template is 42:44:49:00:00:00. The default for svdc-director is 42:44:49:00:00:02.

  2. Ensure that the svdc-director’s virtual NIC has assigned the correct IP address. Check that the svdc-director’s IP address uses the value of IPAddressPrefix and 0.2. The default IP address for the svdc-director is

  3. Use ping to make sure that the svdc-director can contact the management server.


If you encounter problems during the collection of the support tarball archive at the end of a measurement, you can rerun ${virtVendor}/collectSupport.sh manually. The support archive is valid as long as you haven’t made changes to the testbed.


HammerDB creation during prepSUT.sh takes a long time and appears to hang. CPU utilization on the svdc-director is idle, and the console output reads:

hammerdb>DB load successful. Creating DB backup. **Note, this takes several minutes (or more).
Please be patient...

This pause occurs as the harness backs up the HammerDB database on the svdc-director and could take several hours.

To monitor active HammerDB transactions during a measurement:

  1. Get the “jobid” from http://svdc-txxx-happ:8080/jobs

  2. Enter the “jobid” at http://svdc-txxx-happ:8080/jobs?jobid=[jobid] and refresh browser to see updates


To access the BigBench web console and monitor transaction job history:

http://svdc-txxx-bbnn:19888/jobhistory/app - shows history of 38 jobs completed during initial load as well as all past jobs

http://svdc-txxx-bbnn:8088/cluster/apps - monitor active BigBench jobs

http://svdc-txxx-bbnn:8088/cluster/nodes - monitor BigBench data node status

To check the status of BigBench services:

ssh svdc-txxx-bbnn "/opt/createApacheCluster/checkHadoopStatus.sh"

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