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SPECweb99_SSL Benchmark (Retired: October 2005)

SPECweb99_SSL answers the need for a meaningful measure of the web server load generated by servicing encrypted requests, which have become more prevalent on the web over the last few years. SPECweb99_SSL adopts an industry-accepted workload to measure the performance capabilities of a web server with added SSL encryption/decryption.

SPECweb99_SSL is built on the same test harness and uses the same workload and filesets as SPECweb99. It tests secure web server performance using HTTP 1.0/1.1 over the SSL Protocol. It is an extension of, rather than a replacement for, SPECweb99.

Code Defect Identified in the Windows port of the SPECweb99_SSL test harness
07/22/2003 - SPEC has identified problems with the port of the SPECweb99_SSL test harness to the MS Windows operating system. The code defects prevent the client systems from generating the correct SPECweb99_SSL workload. It should be noted that the problems are solely within the the port of the SPECweb99_SSL code base to the Windows OS and not due to either the Windows OS or the OpenSSL library. Details are available in the full notice.


Submitted Results
Text, HTML, PDF, and PostScript outputs for the SPECweb99_SSL metrics; includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from the SPEC member companies and other licensees of the benchmark. You may also search all available submitted results.

Dynamic API Sources
An archive of dynamic CGI API implementations used by licensees of the SPECweb99_SSL benchmark for the results published on the SPEC website.

Tuning Descriptions
Not all vendors choose to squeeze all of the tuning descriptions into the notes at the bottom of a result page; further documentation about tunings used for a result may be found here.


New: Alternate version of 'manager' available (05/29/2003)
An alternate version of 'manager' is available to current benchmark licensees; this version allows you to retrieve the POST log from the SUT faster by bypassing the web server and doing a direct network copy using rcp (or an equivalent for your OS). To request a copy of the alternate version of manager please send an email, along with your license information, to

SPECweb99_SSL Press Release
SPEC's press release announcing SPECweb99_SSL.

SPECweb99_SSL Documentation:

The Frequently Asked/Answered Questions about SPECweb99_SSL.
(Last updated: March 6, 2002 )

SPECweb99_SSL Design Document
A white paper describing the architectural design behind the SPECweb99_SSL benchmark.

SPECweb99_SSL Benchmark Run and Reporting Rules
The rules that govern the running and reporting of results for SPECweb99_SSL.

SPECweb99_SSL User's Guide
(also included on the SPECweb99_SSL CD-ROM).
Issues Building/Running SPECweb99_SSL
Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPECweb99_SSL.

Order your own copy of SPECweb99_SSL
The order form to purchase this and any other SPEC/OSG benchmark.