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Code Defect Identified in the initial SPECweb2005 v1.00 release.

September 9, 2005 -- SPEC has identified a code defect in the JSP implementation for the Banking workload in SPECweb2005. The defect in the JSP scripts results in the clients not generating any of the required check_detail_image requests during the benchmark. Instead, the code defect causes static requests for the check detail image file to be generated in place of the dynamic requests that were part of the design.

Since there are significant differences in how static and dynamic requests are handled, SPEC is superceding the v1.00 release with SPECweb2005 v1.01.

What Happened:

During the development of SPECweb2005, a coding change to the .jsp code for banking used the wrong comment characters and this resulted in a comment line being used as an actual line of JSP code.

Because the processing of static pages is significantly different from dynamically generated pages and the design called for these images to be generated dynamically, SPEC has decided to supercede SPECweb2005 v1.00 release with SPECweb2005 v1.01 and require its use in all new result submissions. This kit will include a few other minor corrections to ensure consistancy with the design and across the JSP and PHP implementations. An extraneous error message from the harness has also been removed.


Licensees are advised to contact the SPEC office to make arrangements for obtaining the updated SPECweb2005 v1.01 kit. Licensees should utilize the updated version in all future SPECweb2005 tests. A detailed description of the changes is included in the kit along with installation instructions.

SPEC regrets any inconvenience. If you have additional questions, please contact SPEC.