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The 2019 SPECtacular Award Winners

Technical Leadership
Jared Anderson, SPECjEnterprise 2018 Web Profile

The work of Jared Anderson, both with coding and documentation, tremendously improved the quality of the SPECjEnterprise 2018 Web Profile benchmark. His work extended from updating run rules, to reviewing design documents, to updating the user guide. Jared pushed the Java subcommittee through the OSG release checklist and helped ensure that the benchmark was released as planned.


Long-term contributions
Alex Carlton, SPEC Editor

Alex Carlton exemplifies two important elements of SPEC culture: friendly collaboration and generous contribution. With his can-do attitude, enthusiastic demeanor, and generous contribution of personal time, he has made an important impact on SPEC over many years. That impact is most felt on the SPEC website, where he has led the editorial team in both front- and back-end development.


Technical Leadership
Michael Hines, SPEC Cloud IaaS 2018

Michael Hines brings the kind of adaptability, technical expertise, and teamwork required to bring a benchmark to fruition. He coded, tested and debugged features in the cbtool and SPEC Cloud code and improved support for container-based environments. He also assisted with support for internal and external users over Mattermost, updated the user guide, and provided reference data for the public clouds.


Project Leadership
Ståle Pedersen, SPECjEnterprise 2018 Web Profile

In the role of release manager, Ståle Pedersen has delivered the dedication, commitment and development skills to bring the SPECjEnterprise 2018 Web Profile benchmark from inception to release. His contributions as project leader range from checking new code to performing any and all of the myriad tasks required to complete an extremely complex benchmark that meets the robust standards set by SPEC.


Project Leadership
Julie Reilly, Editorial Results Review for SPEC CPU

In Julie Reilly, the SPEC CPU subcommittee found the perfect reviewer: Someone with the expertise, work ethic, and unbiased approach to ensure the accuracy of more than 6,600 SPEC CPU 2017 submission results over the course of the 2018 year. In her unique volunteer role, she not only verified the accuracy of each result, she also scripted tools to automate significant portions of the review process.


Technical Leadership
Joseph Salzano, SPECworkstation 3

Joseph Salzano worked behind the scenes to make several important contributions to the SPECworkstation 3 benchmark. He created a new, easier-to-use GUI that includes both an interactive component and a command-line interface for easy scripting, enhanced error checking and reporting, and helped add new workloads to measure GPU computing in the major new version of the benchmark.