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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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The 2019 SPEC Contributor Award Winners

TThe SPEC Contributor Award is given to an individual or a team that made significant contributions to bringing a new benchmark, tool, project or event to a successful conclusion.

Jim Himer: Security Mitigations Handling, SPEC CPU

When the SPEC CPU subcommittee started tracking recent security flaws, Jim Himer began investigating the security mitigations, then stepped in and voluntarily took the time to manually review the significant number of incoming results. Based on the issues he detected, Himer created a set of tools to enable better tracking of the security mitigations, making a valuable contribution to SPEC CPU.

SPEC Cloud Subcommittee: Benchmark Release Award

The SPEC Cloud subcommittee released the SPEC Cloud IaaS 2018 benchmark in December 2018. The benchmark measures replicated application instances, performance, relative scalability, and mean instance provisioning time of infrastructure-as-a-service cloud implementations for both public and private clouds.

Cloud providers, users of cloud services, vendors of cloud-related hardware and software, and researchers can use the benchmark to evaluate how different implementations affect cloud performance.

SPEC Contributor Award Winners

  • Augie Mena
  • Nicholas Wakou
Members of the Java subcommittee

SPEC Java subcommittee award winners with SPEC president David Reiner. Left to right: Steve Realmuto, Joshua Dettinger, David Reiner, Brian Cheseboro.

SPEC Java Subcommittee: Benchmark Release Award

The SPEC Java subcommittee released the SPECjEnterprise 2018 Web Profile benchmark in September 2018. The benchmark measures the performance of Java 7 or later web profile application servers and supporting infrastructure.

The new workload consists of an end-to-end automotive insurance application that processes web requests and reflects the industry trend toward lightweight applications and microservices for building more flexible web applications.

SPEC Contributor Award Winners

  • Khun Ban
  • Brian Cheseboro
  • Joshua Dettinger
  • Anoop Gupta
  • John O'Hara
  • Steve Realmuto
  • Will Reichert
  • Doug Tollefson
  • Radim Vansa
  • Jeremy Whiting

GWPG members

SPEC/GWPG award winners. Front: Alex Shows, with Tom Fisher on the phone. Rear from left: Allen Jensen, Ashley Cowart, Ross Cunniff, Trey Morton, Jon Konieczny, Peter Torvi.

SPEC/GWPG: Benchmark Release Award

Members of the SPEC/GWPG committee and colleagues within their companies provided significant contributions to three major benchmark releases in 2018:

  • SPECviewperf 13, featuring new volume visualization viewsets for energy and medical applications, a redesigned GUI, improved scoring and reporting methods, and updated viewsets to support more recent application versions.
  • SPECapc for SolidWorks 2017, an update of SPECapc's performance evaluation software that features order-independent transparency and full-scene anti-aliasing for higher-quality visuals.
  • SPECworkstation 3, an all-new version of SPEC's comprehensive benchmark for measuring complete workstation performance based on a wide range of professional applications.

SPEC Contributor Award Winners

  • Ashley Cowart
  • Ross Cunniff
  • Tom Fisher
  • Sean Flannery
  • Richard Geslot
  • Charles Hansen
  • Allen Jensen
  • Jon Konieczny
  • Murali Madhanagopal
  • William Martin-Otto
  • Mikio Morita
  • Trey Morton
  • Alex Shows
  • Marcus Steyer
  • Peter Torvi