SPECsfs97_R1.v3 Result


 Hewlett-Packard : HP Integrity rx6600 Server                
 SPECsfs97_R1.v3 = NC (Overall Response Time =  NC)

   SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance with the SPEC
   SFS97_R1 run and reporting rules. Specifically, the result did not meet
   the requirement that all software components must be generally available
   within six months of result publication due to the unavailability of
   of required patches.

   Throughput   Response
     ops/sec      msec
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 
      NC           NC 

		Server Configuration and Availability

 Vendor	             Hewlett-Packard
 Hardware Available  December 2006
 Software Available  November 2007
 Date Tested         June 2007
 SFS License number  3
 Licensee Location   Cupertino, CA

			CPU, Memory and Power

 Model Name                  HP Integrity rx6600 Server
 Processor                   Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 9050 1.6GHz
 # of Processors             4 cores, 2 chips, 2 cores/chip
 Primary Cache               16 KB I+16 KB D on chip per core
 Secondary Cache             1 MB I+256 KB D on chip per core
 Other Cache                 12MB I + D on chip per core
 UPS                         N/A
 Other Hardware              N/A

 Memory Size         	     192 GB (48x4GB DIMMS)
 NVRAM Size          	     12 GB (1 GB per array)
 NVRAM Type          	     Integrated NVRAM/battery module
 NVRAM Description   	     4-day battery, cache disabled on battery failure

			   Server Software

 OS Name and Version         HP-UX 11i V3
 Other Software              N/A
 File System                 VxFS
 NFS version                 3

			    Server Tuning

 Buffer Cache Size           Dynamic
 # NFS Processes             1
 Fileset Size                789.1    GB

			  Network Subsystem

 Network Type                10 Gigabit Jumbo Frame
 Network Controller Desc.    HP PCI-X 10GBase-SR
 Number Networks             2 (N1-2)
 Number Network Controllers  2
 Protocol Type        	     TCP
 Switch Type          	     HP Procurve 3400CL Switch
 Bridge Type          	     N/A
 Hub Type             	     N/A
 Other Network Hardware      N/A

		    Disk Subsystem and Filesystems

 Number Disk Controllers     7(6 + 1 for root disk used by OS)
 Number of Disks             673 (672 + 1 root disk)
 Number of Filesystems       192(F1-F192)
 File System Creation Ops    See Notes
 File System Config          See Notes

 Disk Controller             Internal 8-port SAS Controller
 # of Controller Type        1
 Number of Disks             1
 Disk Type                   Seagate 72GB 10K RPM
 File Systems on Disks       Operating System
 Special Config Notes        N/A

 Disk Controller             4Gbps Dual Channel Fiber Channel PCI-X
 # of Controller Type        3 (dual)
 Number of Disks             672
 Disk Type                   Seagate 36GB 15K RPM
 File Systems on Disks       F1-F192
 Special Config Notes        N/A

		  Load Generator (LG) Configuration

 Number of Load Generators   8
 Number of Processes per LG  24
 Biod Max Read Setting       2
 Biod Max Write Setting      2

 LG Type                     LG1         
 LG Model                    HP Integrity rx2600 server         
 Number and Type Processors  2 Intel Itanium 2 900 MHz    
 Memory Size                 2 GB            
 Operating System            HP-UX 11i V2     
 Compiler                    HP C/ANSI C (C.11.23.09)           
 Compiler Options            -DHAS_GETHOSTNAME -DUSE_GETRLIMIT -DSETPGRP3         
 Network Type                HP A7012A PC-XI 1000Base-T Adapter

			Testbed Configuration

 LG #   LG Type  Network   Target File Systems                      Notes
 ----   -------  -------   -------------------                      -----
 1      LG1      1         F1, F9, F17, F25, F33, F41, F49, F57, F65, F73, F81, F89, F97, F105, F113, F121, F129, F137, F145, F153, F161, F169, F177, F185 N/A
 2      LG1      1         F2, F10, F18, F26, F34, F42, F50, F58, F66, F74, F82, F90, F98, F106, F114, F122, F130, F138, F146, F154, F162, F170, F178, F186 N/A
 3      LG1      1         F3, F11, F19, F27, F35, F43, F51, F59, F67, F75, F83, F91, F99, F107, F115, F123, F131, F139, F147, F155, F163, F171, F179, F187 N/A
 4      LG1      1         F4, F12, F20, F28, F36, F44, F52, F60, F68, F76, F84, F92, F100, F108, F116, F124, F132, F140, F148, F156, F164, F172, F180, F188 N/A
 5      LG1      2         F5, F13, F21, F29, F37, F45, F53, F61, F69, F77, F85, F93, F101, F109, F117, F125, F133, F141, F149, F157, F165, F173, F181, F189 N/A
 6      LG1      2         F6, F14, F22, F30, F38, F46, F54, F62, F70, F78, F86, F94, F102, F110, F118, F126, F134, F142, F150, F158, F166, F174, F182, F190 N/A
 7      LG1      2         F7, F15, F23, F31, F39, F47, F55, F63, F71, F79, F87, F95, F103, F111, F119, F127, F135, F143, F151, F159, F167, F175, F183, F191 N/A
 8      LG1      2         F8, F16, F24, F32, F40, F48, F56, F64, F72, F80, F88, F96, F104, F112, F120, F128, F136, F144, F152, F160, F168, F176, F184, F192 N/A


                                Notes and Tuning

<> There are 6 HP StorageWorks 4/8 SAN Switches connected to the SUT
<> (one per fibre channel port). Each SAN switch connects to one controller
<> of 12 HP StorageWorks 1500cs Modular Smart Arrays. Each of the 12
<> MSA1500s has dual active fibre channel controllers. Each MSA1500 has 
<> Four Modular Smart Array 30 Disk Enclosures containing 14 disks each.
<> A logical disk is carved from the MSA1500's 56 physical disks in a
<> RAID-5 configuration with 8KB stripes. There are 16 logical disks per
<> MSA1500, eight assigned to each of the MSA 1500 controllers.
<> There is one test filesystem per logical disk. 
<> Each client mounts two logical disks from each MSA1500 (one from each controller).
<> VxFS is used for the OS and test filesystems (F1-F192).
<> Each test filesystem log is 32 KB, mounted with noatime (no access time update
<> except when they correspond to updated ctime or mtime)
<> Jumbo frames (9000-byte MTU) over 10Gbit Ethernet.
<> Kernel Tunables
<>   fcache_fb_policy=1  Filesystem flush behind request policy  (default: 0)
<>   filecache_max=40% Max physical memory for caching file I/O (default: 50%)
<>   filecache_min=15% Min physical memory for caching file I/O (default: 5%)
<>   ftable_hash_locks=32768 Number of file table locks (default: 64)
<>   lcpu_attr=1 Toggles lcpu attribute of default pset (default: 0 = disabled)
<>   max_thread_proc=1024 Maximum threads in each process (default: 256)
<>   nkthread=24000 Maximum number of threads per system (default: 8416)
<>   nproc=23000 Maximum number of processes per system (default: 4200)
<>   tcphashsz=65536 Size of the TCP hash table in bytes (default: 2048)
<>   vnode_hash_locks=32768  Number of vnode locks (default: 128)
<>   vps_ceiling=64 Maximum system-selected page size in kBytes (default: 16)
<>   vps_pagesize=64 Default user page size in kBytes (default: 16)
<>   vxfs_bc_bufhwm=12000000 VxFS metadata cache high water mark (default: 0)
<>   vx_ninode=3900000 Number of entries in the VxFS inode table (default: 0)
<> Kernel Parameters (set with adb)
<>   enable_tops=0  Interrupt Forwarding Policy (default: 1=enabled)
<> NFS Parameters (set in /etc/default/nfs)
<>   nfsd_listen_backlog=1024 Listen Queue len for NFS over TCP/IP (default: 32)
<>   nfsd_servers=1024 Maximum concurrent NFS requests (default: 32)
<> Networking Parameters set in (/etc/rc.config.d/nddconf)
<>   socket_caching_tcp=5000 Entries used for TCP socket caching (default: 512)
<>   tcp_conn_request_max=10000 Max outstanding inbound conn reqs. (default: 4096)
<>   tcp_recv_hiwater_def=1MB  Maxi size of the receive window (default: 32KB)
<>   tcp_xmit_hiwater_def=1MB  Unsent data level trigger flow ctrl (default: 32KB)
<> 10 Gbit Parameters for both adapters set in (/etc/rc.config.d/hpixgbeconf)
<>   hp_ixgbe_mtu=9000 Maximum transmission unit value in bytes (default: 1500)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_range_1=1 Range limit 1 of xmit intr coalescing (default: 5)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_range_2=5 Range limit 2 of xmit intr coalescing (default: 25)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_range_3=50 Range limit 3 for xmit inter coalescing (default: 70)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_frc_a=1 Frames for xmit intr coalescing for 0-R1 (default: 32)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_frc_b=128 Frames for xmit intr coalescing for R1-R2 (default: 256)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_frc_c=128 Frames for xmit intr coalescing for R2-R3 (default: 512)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_coal_frc_d=128 Frames for xmit intr coalescing for R3-100(default: 512)
<>   hp_ixgbe_tx_timer=22500 Transmit timer interrupt in microseconds (default: 225000)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_range_1=1 Range limit 1 for recv intr coalescing (default: 5)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_range_2=5 Range limit 2 for recv intr coalescing (default: 25)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_range_3=50 Range limit 3 for recv intr coalescing (default: 70)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_frc_a=1 Frames for recv intr coalescing for 0-R1 (default: 1)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_frc_b=128 Frames for recv intr coalescing for R1-R2 (default: 64)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_frc_c=128 Frames for recv intr coalescing for R2-R3 (default: 128)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_coal_frc_d=128 Frames for recv intr coalescing for R3-100(default: 512)
<>   hp_ixgbe_rx_timer=2000 Receive timer interrupt in microseconds (default: 100)
<> Interrupts for all fibre channel adapters were assigned to CPU 0 using intctl(1M).
<> Interrupts for both 10Gbit adapters were assigned to CPU 0 using intctl(1M).
<> Filesystem Parameters (set with vxtunefs for all test filesystems)
<>  read_ahead=0 The preferred read request size (default 1)
<>  read_pref_io=8192 The preferred read request size (default 64KB)
<>  write_nstream=1000 Simultaneous parallel write requests outstanding. (default: 1)
<>  write_pref_io=8192 The preferred write request size (default 64KB)
<> SUT Patches
<>   PHKL_36612 - VxFS cumulative patch
<>   PHKL_36613 - VM cumulative patch
<>   PHNE_36614 - NFS cumulative patch
<>   PHNE_36614 - RPC cumulative patch
<> MSA Parameters
<>   read_cache=50 Percent of 512MB NVRAM used for read cache (default: 100%)
<>   write_cache=50 Percent of 512MB NVRAM used for write cache (default: 0%)
<>   auto_path_change=disable Implicit (auto load bal) path change (default: enabled)
<>   preferred_path=controller=1 even Sets preferred path for even LUNS to ctrlr 1
<>   preferred_path=controller=2 odd Sets preferred path for odd LUNS to ctrlr 2
<>   acl ctrl1=0 2 Creates access control list for controller 1 for even LUNS
<>   acl ctrl2=1 3 Creates access control list for controller 2 for odd LUNS
<> Client Networking Parameters 
<>   socket_caching_tcp=5000 Entries for TCP socket caching (default: 512)
<>   tcp_recv_hiwater_def=1MB Max size for the receive window (default: 32KB)
<>   tcp_xmit_hiwater_def=1MB Unsent data triggers write-side flow ctrl (default: 32KB)

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