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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Report issues installing/running the SERT

Prior to submitting an issue, it is recommended that you examine the SERT 1 User Guide or SERT 2 User Guide to see if your question has already been answered. Many questions associated with measurement set-up are answered in the Power Measurement Setup Guide. Also, please be sure that you are running the latest version (currently 2.0.0).

Please visit the Support Forum and raise your question in the appropriate section before using this webform.

If the issues you've encountered are not addressed in the above-mentioned resources, please complete the following form to submit a support request. All fields are required unless indicated otherwise. Information provided here will only be used to resolve this issue. When creating a ticket, please run the collector script (collectlogfiles.bat or as appropriate for your OS) on the SUT and Controller systems and attach the generated .zip or .tar.gz file to your ticket. Instructions on using the collector scripts can be found in the user's guide.

Technical support requiring involvement of specialists is done by volunteers from our member institutions. Please do not send us any proprietary information in your queries. If you feel you cannot clearly ask your question without reference to proprietary information please clearly mark such communications and we will not involve our SERT specialists, but rather will answer your query only if SPEC's own staff SERT generalists are able to do so.

Issue summary:
Total memory installed:
Total processor cores:
Total number of storage devices:
JVM deployed:
Operating system:
Steps for reproducing the problem:
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Log files in zipped (.zip/.tgz/.gz) format to include: