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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC Announces Internet Information Access

Larry Gray
Cupertino, Calif.

Jeff Reilly
Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, Calif.

Published April, 1996; see disclaimer.

SPEC has established a public World Wide Web site that became operational in January of this year. If you have not yet visited, point your web browser at the URL: and give us your feedback.

SPEC is striving to take full advantage of electronic publication capabilites that will make the quarterly newsletter virtually obsolete for all but those who are internet challenged. All SPEC benchmark results (with the exception of those from the SPEC '92 CPU suites which are considered obsolete), "newsletter articles", and other information will be online at all times.

To make your access to benchmark results more efficient, SPEC has provided custom search capabilities that make results queries simple and quick. If you subscribe to this newsletter and do not yet have internet access, this may be ample justification to get connected!

This new method of publishing brings several distinct advantages and some changes. Most important, SPEC results will be available to anyone with Internet access. Also, electronic publication has allowed SPEC to shorten the results submission and publication cycle, allowing new results to appear every two weeks as opposed to every three months. For those who prefer a paper copy or are not able to access the Internet, SPEC will continue to provide printed newsletters each calendar quarter. The printed newsletter will consist of results submission from the previous three months. The subscription cost for a paper newsletter will remain at $550 per year ($575 outside the United States). It is SPEC's desire to do away with paper publication moving exclusively to electronic access.

If you would like more information, please call SPEC's administrative office at 703-331-0180 or send email to

Larry Gray manages a benchmark evaluation project within Hewlett-PackardÕs Computer Systems Organization in Cupertino, Calif. Larry serves on the SPEC board and is Chair of SPECÕs Planning Committee.

Jeff Reilly is a Project Lead for Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, Calif and is the SPEC CPU Subcommittee Chairman and serves on the Board of Directors.

Copyright (c) 1996 Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation