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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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The SPEC OSG Mail Server Subcommittee
is Looking for IMAP Data!

The SPEC OSG Mail Server subcommittee is gathering data for its next benchmark.  The subcommittee is currently working on user profiles for the IMAP protocol, to be used in the follow-on to the SPECmail2001 benchmark.

What is the subcommittee doing...

The SPEC OSG Mail Server subcommittee is creating user profiles for IMAP users so the subcommittee can simulate the load on an IMAP mail server with an accurate workload.

What the subcommittee needs...

What type of data would the subcommittee like to capture?

Software Configuration

Site Policies

SMTP and IMAP4 Server Logs

If possible, saving the data as a single line entry (CSV) would greatly simplify the analysis.

SMTP Specific Data

Mailbox information

Worried about privacy issues?

If you have the data, but don't know how to obscure your user's information, the SPEC OSG Mail Server subcommittee can help. A member of the subcommittee created scripts to obfuscate previously submitted mail server logs to protect the privacy of the users. These scripts should be adaptable to your specific log format, and the subcommittee is willing to make the scripts available to you so you can obfuscate the data yourself. If you would like these scripts or have any questions about this, please contact the SPEC office.

You don't have logging enabled?

You can still help. The SPEC OSG Mail Server subcommittee can provide you with both a SMTP and IMAP proxy filter that will capture most of the above data to log files. The filters will automatically obfuscate the account and login names before writing that information to the log files. No sensitive information like passwords or message content would be logged.


Send e-mail to the SPEC office at or call (540) 349-7878.