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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC would like to thank the following people for their outstanding contributions to SPECjvm2008:

Roldan Pozo - Roldan is one of the original developers of the Scimark 2.0 benchmark suite and provided a great deal of help with the development work of integrating the workload into SPECjvm2008. His advice and clarifications were very valuable and useful for scimark subtest development.

Christopher Kulla - Chris is the developer of the SunFlow Open Source Render Engine, and developed the workload used for the sunflow subtest in SPECjvm2008. He also provided significant help integrating the workload into SPECjvm2008.

We would like to thank Boris Kolpackov, Kevin Brown, Alan Karben, Anders Moeller, Jeni Tennison, Elliotte Rusty Harold and Gary L. Peskin for permission to use their code in xml benchmarks.

Thanks a lot to Matteo Frigo, Jack Dongarra, Kathy Yelick, Kaushik Datta, Hormozd Gahvari, Mark Hoemmen and Mike Heroux for sharing their experience on typical datasets size for scimark computations kernels.

Thank you very much for your participation in the development of SPECjvm2008 and for your contribution to SPEC.