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CATIA Viewset (catia-03)

The catia-03 viewset was created from traces of the graphics workload generated by the CATIA™ V5 R19 and CATIA V6 R2009 applications from Dassault Systemes.

Three models are measured using various modes in CATIA. Phil Harris of LionHeart Solutions, developer of CATBench2003, supplied SPECgpc with the models used to measure the CATIA application. The models are courtesy of CATBench2003 and CATIA Community.

The models, ranging in size from 6.3- to 25-million vertices, use a variety of common CATIA graphics modes. Both CATIA V5 and V6 are represented using fixed pipeline and ARB vertex and fragment shaders.

The following tests are included in the viewset:

  • test1 - bodyWireframe
    • 11.6M vertices
    • immediate mode/vertex arrays
    • wide lines
  • test2 - body shading
    • 19M vertices
    • vertexArrays/VBO
  • test3 - body shading with edges
    • immediate mode/vertexArrays/VBO
    • 20.5M vertices
    • Mix of lighting state, polygon offset
  • test 4 - Body shading / amb reflection
    • 12.8M vertices
    • vertex arrays/VBO
    • render to texture and copy texture for shadowing
  • test 5 - Holland wireframe
    • 20.8M vertices
    • vertex array
  • test 6 - Holland shading
    • 18M vertices
    • immediate mode/vertex array/VBO
  • test 7 - Holland shading/edges
    • 25M vertices
    • immediate mode/vertex array/VBO
  • test 8 - concept car
    • VBO
    • 6.3M vertices
    • multiple texture coordinates
    • ARB vertex and fragment shaders