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Pro/ENGINEER Viewset (proe-04)

The proe-04 viewset was created from traces of the graphics workload generated by the Pro/ENGINEER 2001™ application from PTC.

Two models and three rendering modes are measured during the test. PTC contributed the models to SPEC for use in measurement of the Pro/ENGINEER application. The first of the models, the PTC World Car, represents a large-model workload composed of 3.9 to 5.9 million vertices. This model is measured in shaded, hidden-line removal, and wireframe modes. The wireframe workloads are measured both in normal and antialiased mode. The second model is a copier. It is a medium-sized model made up of 485,000 to 1.6 million vertices. Shaded and hidden-line-removal modes were measured for this model.

This viewset includes state changes as made by the application throughout the rendering of the model, including matrix, material, light and line-stipple changes. The PTC World Car shaded frames include more than 100MB of state and vertex information per frame. All state changes are derived from a trace of the running application. The state changes put considerably more stress on graphics subsystems than the simple geometry dumps found in older viewsets.

Mirroring the application, draw arrays are used for the shaded tests and immediate mode is used for the wireframe. The gradient background used by the Pro/E application is also included to better model the application workload.

Tests are weighted 1/3 wireframe and 2/3 shaded.





PTC World Car shaded


PTC World Car shaded to show model detail


PTC World Car using hidden-line-removal mode


PTC World Car using wireframe mode


PTC World Car using anti-aliased lines


PTC copier shaded


PTC copier using hidden-line-removal mode