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Errata for current CD

Date: Wed Jun 18 17:13:24 PDT 1997

Text item: errata.txt 6/12/97 1:35P

Document Title: ERRATA.txt

                              Errata  for SPEC CPU95.

You can get the latest information from the SPEC website

As of Version 1.10:
1. Potential problem:(Windows NT, Intel only)
   Specperl does not allow output redirection. The version of perl for Intel-based 
   systems does not allow redirection of stdout under Windows NT. So something like: 
   "runspec.bat -c default.cfg all >output" will give an error. 
   SPEC does not have a solution at this time. Check the SPEC Website mentioned above
   for patches to solve the problem.

2. Potential problem:(Windows NT)
   Documentation cannot be read on Windows NT using Notepad. The documentation does 
   not have the proper CR/LF pair that is understood by Notepad

   Use Microsoft Word or use the printed version shipped with the CD-ROM. 

3. Potential Problem: (Windows NT)
   Cannot use comma-separated lists of users on Windows NT for e.g.:
   "runspec.bat -r -u 1,1,1 all" will fail on Windows NT. 
   Pass the comma-separated list enclosed in double quotes. You will need to download
   a patch for runspec.bat for this to work. SPEC will post a version of runspec.bat, 
   to download, see:
4. Potential Problem: (Windows NT and Unix)
   The Makefiles, by default, pass -O as an optimization flag, while compiling every 

   Check the updates on the SPEC website to find out the decision on this issue. 

5. Potential Problem:(Windows NT)
   Using Winzip to unzip the cpu95.taZ file in the Original.src directory on the
   CD-ROM will not unzip the 0 byte input files for the ref and test inputs
   for 099.go. It will also corrupt the input files for ijpeg. 

   Use the install.bat to install from the CD. 

   Reminder to those with little endian processor architechures (most Intel
   and Digital Equipment Corporation processors) when compiling 124.m88ksim:
   Use the portability flag: -DLEHOST