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SPEC CINT95 Benchmark: 132.ijpeg


  • Image compression/decompression on in-memory images based on the JPEG facilities.
  • Like 129.compress, the common utility has been adapted to run out of memory buffers rather than reading/writing files.
  • The benchmark application performs a series of compressions at differing quality levels over a variety of images. The workload is taken from the behavior of someone seeking the best tradeoff between space and time for a variety of images.
  • Good opportunities to show off superscaler integer capabilities.
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Types of Data Provided

Rough estimates of some of the basic hardware level activities: CPI, I- and D-cache activity, and TLB activity. This data is only useful for comparing the '95 benchmarks, not for comparing against any particular hardware.
Full gprof(1) outputs. [Procedure level profiling with call graphs.]
The first 50 lines of the profile taken from the full gprof(1) output.
Reports from sar(1). [System activity levels.]
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