SPEC ACCEL Benchmark Description File

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Benchmark Author

University of Virginia

Benchmark Program General Category

Structured Grid, Physics Simulation

Benchmark Description

HotSpot is a widely used tool to estimate processor temperature based on an architectural floorplan and simulated power measurements. The thermal simulation iteratively solves a series of differential equations for block. Each output cell in the computational grid represents the average temperature value of the corresponding area of the chip. The implementation re-implements the transient thermal differential equation solver from HotSpot.

Input Description

Input is presented as 1) the size of the square grid, 2) the height of the pyramid, 3) the total iterations, 4) the temperature file, 5) the power file and the output file. The temperature and power files are each a single value on each line for the starting temperature and power values. 1) can be changed based on real simulation area and the granularity of grid. 2) is related to the efficient of multi-grid solver. Increase 3) will increase the accuracy of solution. 4) and 5) can be changed based on the different floorplan and power of each unit.

Output Description

The output is the temperature value of each point in 2D grid(index, value).

Programming Language


Known portability issues




W. Huang, S. Ghosh, S. Velusamy, K. Sankaranarayanan, K. Skadron, M. R. Stan, Hotspot: A compact thermal modeling methodology for early-stage VLSI design., IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems 14 (5) (2006) 501513.

Last Updated: February 3, 2014