Graphics Composite 4.50
Shaded with Edges Sub-composite 3.97
Shaded Sub-composite 4.99
Wireframe Sub-composite 4.18
True Shading Sub-composite 4.54
Advanced Studio Sub-composite 7.29
Face Analysis Sub-composite 3.80
CPU Composite 3.49

Screen Grabs

System Configuration

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model Precision 7710
BIOS Name BIOS Date: 03/15/16 03:38:31 Ver:
Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Serial Number 18K9V32
Version DELL - 1072009
SMBIOS Version 1.4.8
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Build Number 7601
Name AMD FirePro W7170M
Driver Version 15.201.2401.0
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Name Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
Driver Version
Name Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6920HQ CPU @ 2.90GHz
Address Width 64-bit
Nominal Clock Speed 2901 MHz
Number of Cores 4
Number of Logical Processors 8
ChannelA-DIMM0 4 GB 2133 MHz
ChannelB-DIMM0 4 GB 2133 MHz
ChannelB-DIMM1 4 GB 2133 MHz
ChannelA-DIMM1 4 GB 2133 MHz
Disk Drives
Drive Model HGST HTS721010A9E630 SCSI Disk Device
Drive Capacity 931.51 GB
Drive Model NVMe SM951 NVMe SAMSU SCSI Disk Device
Drive Capacity 476.94 GB
Default Monitor 1920 x 1080
Generic PnP Monitor

Test Date: 2016-06-28 15:18
NX9 Version: NX
NX9 Maintenance Build: NX MP12, 20Jan16. See Maintenance Pack letter for detailed list of fixes.
NX10 Version: NX
NX10 Maintenance Build: NX MP1, 24Jul15. See Maintenance Pack letter for detailed list of fixes.
Submitter Company: Dell, Inc.
Submitter Comments: High Performance power scheme, Vsync OFF.